Artist Statement

My work explores the process of creating experiences. I love playing with space through building large works with repetitive small marks or pieces. Or making small pieces that feel large because of how much they hold. I build with patterns to create texture and space in multiple mediums.

To work with clay is a prayer of the keenest offering. Muscling through the medium of mud and water I find sacred ground and sanctuary. In the work of my hands crossing from the ineffable to definable language. Kinetic prayer. My clay-based works hold such a tangible expression of the process of creating, connecting body, mind, and emotions in the working out of a piece. I love exploring how clay shows so much of human nature. A body of clay has a visceral connection to the thoughts and touch of myself.

In my paintings and drawings, I really love exploring building spaces through layering or repetitive mark making. Sculpting with marks on a flat surface to create a landscape feeling, or depth. I play with mark making in the sense of being along for the process. I often only have a vague idea of how a piece will turn out exactly, or how it will end up feeling. I make mark after mark, knowing I’m partnering with the medium to build something.

My work is clearly emotive, expressive, and filled with movement. It is my hope then that viewers feel the tension of movement, a brief sweep of the myriad of emotions that went into a piece, the big interior complexities that work themselves out through my art, whether it is small enough to fit in your hand, or big enough you can walk through it.

LINKED Event Gallery, May 1st, 2020

A pop-up sidewalk gallery event celebrating a Chicago tradition of gallery hopping on first Friday of the month. The event took place in a common space we all share, even as we social distance. The show stood to recognize we are all in this together, we all have a part to play, and we can each contribute in powerful ways to the enrichment of our communities near and far.